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A.J. Ogilvie, Ph.D.

A.J. Ogilvie, Ph.D.

Dr. Ogilvie is a clinical and forensic psychologist. He has worked with individuals suffering from numerous psychosocial stressors, trauma (e.g., sexual, physical), substance abuse disorders and serious mental illness.

He provides individual (child, adolescent and adult), couples, and family therapy with clients experiencing difficulties with anger, stress management, relationship issues, life transitions, parenting, marital problems, depression, anxiety, behavioral or impulse problems, and trauma.

Dr. Ogilvie utilizes evidence-based treatments, such as Cognitive-Behavioral, Cognitive Processing and Acceptance and Commitment Therapies and Time-Limited Dynamic Psychotherapy.

He also provides neuropsychological, cognitive and personality testing for clients with specific testing needs or those who are interested in gaining insight to problematic patterns of behavior or simply understanding themselves better.

Dr. Ogilvie has conducted psychotherapy research, published articles on dissemination of evidence-based treatments in clinical practice. Most importantly, Dr. Ogilvie is a warm, compassionate psychotherapist that respects an individual’s culture. He seeks to work collaboratively with his clients, emphasizes clients strengths in treatment and helps clients achieve goals and movement toward life fulfillment.