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Iris E Baly, Ph.D.

Iris E Baly, Ph.D.

Dr. Iris E Baly received her doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of California- Berkeley in 1984. She has clinical experiences with diverse ethnic populations over a wide age range and in a variety of settings. These settings include: Family Counseling Center working with Juvenile Offenders and their families;:University of California Counseling Centers working with graduate and undergraduate students who were facing personal, interpersonal, academic and developmental problems: and in the Psychiatry Department of a major HMO, Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in the Northern California Region.  Dr. Baly worked with military service members and their families as a ‘Military Family Life Consultant’ from 2010-2012.

The majority of Dr. Baly’s clinical experiences as a licensed Psychologist was for more than 22 years as a Staff Psychologist at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center (Vallejo, CA) where she was affiliated with the Child Family Team as well as with the Crisis Services Team. The primary duties included- psychiatric evaluation, assessment, diagnosis and treatment of the patients, in individual, couple, family and group modalities. In addition, psychologists were On-Call to the Emergency Department and Hospital clinics where PCP and Specialty providers would request emergency psychiatric consultations for their patients.

Dr. Baly is committed to providing effective, evidenced-based treatment along with psychodynamic treatment approaches and methods that can be modified to suit the specific situation and unique needs of the patient in a culturally competent manner. She gives particular attention to attempting to understand the world view of the patient as the patient defines the problem and looks to identify their strengths and resources available to them, including the role of spirituality in their lives. Dr. Baly believes this approach allows for a more comprehensive and dynamic formulation of the problem which usually leads to better application of treatment methods and better outcomes.

She is licensed as a Psychologist in California since 1987 and recently, upon relocating to Northern Virginia in January 2014, obtained licensure  here in 2014.